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Do you want to achieve your full potential and live your dreams? But, you are stuck in unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying work, or other challenges that hold you back. You are tired of the frustration and stress. You know it’s time to separate yourself from the ordinary and change your life!

Here’s the good news. You CAN do it! God created you for a purpose and has a definite plan for your life. You can break free from your current circumstances and begin a new journey with God as your guide. You won’t be disappointed!

Encouragement and help from someone who cares and knows the way could make all the difference in your new journey. Whether it’s coaching that challenges you, books that teach you, or words that encourage you, you will find it here. Explore how you can begin changing your life today!


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Connect with God

Prayer brings light

Connecting with God is key to changing your life. The true you is revealed as you experience the depth of God’s love. Through prayer, God speaks to you and shapes your life. More….

Release Your Past

Release your past

God is a loving change agent, who wants to release you from past losses and improve your future. Discover how to move forward through 6 life-changing steps. More….

Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose

God knew you when he formed you in the womb. He created you for a purpose. Discover your identity, your unique characteristics, and how God weaves together all your experiences to form your purpose. More….

Walk in Freedom

Going new places with transformational coaching

Stress and frustration are replaced with joy and peace when you know your identity and your purpose. You live to your full potential as you walk freely into your future with God. More….



Guide and Encourager

I am a coach and an author with a passion for helping people become ALL God created them to be as they overcome their past, discover their purpose, and walk in freedom with God.

My journey began many years ago after a failed marriage in the midst of a challenging career and raising two young children. I knew God, but people and their expectations shaped my identity. My self-sufficient rather than God-dependent ways led to frustration and stress. I was looking for answers.

Together, God and I began a journey that led to renewed joy, peace, and purpose as I grew closer to him. He radically changed me from the inside out. My deepest desire is that you, too, discover an abundant life as you pursue God in prayer, live from your heart with passion, and walk in your destiny! I would be honored to share the journey with you.


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Goals for 2018

2018 goals: What Captures Your Attention?

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I am receiving emails almost daily about planning and setting 2018 goals. Are you? Identifying what you want to achieve in the new year is important. Goals that are specific,…

Light of the World

Does the “Light of the World” Shine in You?

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Like many kids, my granddaughter often drew pictures for her beloved preschool teacher, Tina. After she moved to another classroom, she continued to draw beautiful pictures for Tina and expressed…

Storms of Life

God’s Goodness in the Storms of Life

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Large, destructive hail hit our city this summer. Thundering against the windows, I prayed urgently as the hail threatened our house! The golf-ball sized hailstones were the biggest I’ve experienced….

Blessings from God

The Power of Blessing to Capture Hearts

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A pastor friend recently shared a story about the power of blessing. Although we are the same age, my friend is raising two teenagers, while I am experiencing the joys…

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