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Blessings from God

The Power of Blessing to Capture Hearts

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A pastor friend recently shared a story about the power of blessing. Although we are the same age, my friend is raising two teenagers, while I am experiencing the joys of adult children and grandchildren.

He is an older and wiser parent who knows the importance of affirming the unique identity of his children and the people he leads. His desire to capture his son’s heart through blessing reminded me of the powerful impact our words and actions can have on family, friends, or just about anyone God places in our path! Read More

YOur words and limiting beliefs

Are You Talking Trash or Speaking Truth?

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According to a study at the University of Arizona in 2007 (Dr. Matthias Mehls), the average person speaks about 16,000 words a day. That is a significant number of words, even for a talkative person like me!

With so many words spoken daily, the quality of our speech is important. Are your words life-giving or are they discouraging? How you talk to yourself and others reveals much about your identity.  Your daily language reveals who you choose to be. Read More

Can’t Get Your Act Together? Three Reasons Self-Discipline Fails

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Many coaches and other professional gurus believe that self-discipline is necessary in achieving your goals. I agree, but what does it mean when you consistently fail to accomplish certain goals?

  • Do you beat on yourself and give up?
  • Do you decide to try harder?

Don’t do either! Don’t listen to that voice of discipline screaming loudly in your head. Your self-discipline is failing for three good reasons. Read More

Desires that lead to joy or sorrow

Are Your Desires Leading You to Joy or Sorrow?

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Desires drive your behavior every day.  If a business or person can convince you how to fill your deepest desires, you may take immediate ACTION. You only have to scan through Facebook to witness the happy and sad results of people attempting to fulfill their desires! Here’s the good news. If going after your desires leads you to sorrow, you CAN change your focus and discover the path to joy.

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How are you filling your desires?

How I Learned to Live from the Heart and Change My Life

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Have you always wanted to live from the heart? It’s that place deep down inside that represents the true you. For me, my heart represents my spirit. It’s the center of my being. It’s that piece of me that God created uniquely different from everyone else, that hears the Holy Spirit and responds to God. To live from the heart means that I am real and authentic in all that I do. Where ever I go and whatever I do, I want that authentic, God-centered person to shine through. But, is that what really happens in life? Read More

What Distraction Taught Me About Doing Less and Being More

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We are so privileged to choose what we accomplish each day. We can experience the satisfaction of a job well done or the distraction and pain of falling flat on our faces. Literally….

Recently, I was completing some work before I began a busy four days caring for my young granddaughters. My mind was absorbed with a million thoughts about my “to do” list. Breakfast was next on my list. I stood up from my computer, grabbed my coffee, briskly stepped towards the kitchen….my eyes focused, well, I don’t know where…and I proceeded to pitch forward over the big box I was using to pack up remaining Christmas decorations. My entire body landed flat on the floor with a jarring “thud!”

Distraction 1-21-15

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The Unexpected Result of Praying for Your Community

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Years ago, I heard two African pastors crying out to God at a community prayer meeting in Golden, Colorado. These two men weren’t just making prayer requests to heaven. They seemed intimately connected with God and were praying powerfully for the community.

In that moment, God did that thing that only God can do. He stirred my heart with a deep yearning for more. I knew I wanted to pray authentic and bold prayers. What I didn’t know was the unexpected, surprising and life-changing outcome of learning from these men.

Community Prayer

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3 Big Mistakes that Limit Your Success – Emotional Resilience

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If you have walked out of a business meeting or annual performance review and just wanted to give it all up, this audio is for you! During my 25-years managing people and projects, I discovered three key mistakes that prevent many professionals from experiencing the job success they desire. How do I know? I made them!  Since then I have discovered strategies that address these mistakes and will position you for greater God-inspired success.

This is the second audio in this three-part series.  Today, I am talking about emotional resilience and how it influences success in the workplace. Learn the meaning of resilience, what factors determine how resilient you are, and how to become more resilient. Several easy-to-follow, practical strategies will help you improve your performance right away.

Just click on the orange arrow below to hear the podcast. When you finish listening, let me know….how resilient are you?

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