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Goals for 2018

2018 goals: What Captures Your Attention?

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I am receiving emails almost daily about planning and setting 2018 goals. Are you?

Identifying what you want to achieve in the new year is important. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific (SMART) will help you achieve success. With SMART goals, you can develop an action plan and get moving forward!

But, wait! Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Consider….who or what is driving your goals? What is the foundation of your desires?

Is it friends, family, books, gurus, coaches, or even those infomercials on TV that catch your eye? We are all bombarded daily with messages about what to be. These messages can influence who or what has our attention. Our 2018 goals and desires flow from the source of our attention. Read More

Can’t Get Your Act Together? Three Reasons Self-Discipline Fails

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Many coaches and other professional gurus believe that self-discipline is necessary in achieving your goals. I agree, but what does it mean when you consistently fail to accomplish certain goals?

  • Do you beat on yourself and give up?
  • Do you decide to try harder?

Don’t do either! Don’t listen to that voice of discipline screaming loudly in your head. Your self-discipline is failing for three good reasons. Read More

Motherhood: A Training Ground for Women Leaders

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I know many accomplished women leaders that gained valuable leadership experience as wives and mothers. Stephanie Schureman is one of those amazing women leaders.

Stephanie Schureman of Dwelling Place Ministries

Stephanie is the mother of six children, the leader of Dwelling Place Books and Ministries, and an accomplished Bible teacher with the desire to share God’s heart and participate with the Holy Spirit in training and equipping believers of all ages. We first met at the Golden International House of Prayer where we served together on the Board of Directors. Her example helped me desire a deeper intimacy with God through prayer.

In this first of three videos, Stephanie shares about motherhood as the training ground for leadership. As mothers, we may think our experiences raising children do not equip us as women leaders in business, but we are wrong!

Stephanie affirms that learning to love God, your home, your children, and your husband in the midst of all our daily responsibilities prepares us to lead in unexpected ways. Motherhood can be a fruitful time where we learn to walk strong and steady with the Lord.

Listen in! Also check out the other post and video where Stephanie shares about learning that God is with you in everything you do and how to pray in agreement with what He is doing.

Who is a Leader? The Answer Might Surprise You……

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If I walked into a gathering of women and asked each woman, “Are you a leader?” How do you think they would respond?

I believe a few women would say “yes” and give me an example of their leadership roles.

A few more would pause, think briefly, and say,  “I am not sure. Give me an example.”

The majority of women in the group would likely answer with an emphatic “no!”

Why do so many women fail to see themselves as leaders? One of the main reasons is a faulty definition and understanding of what it means to “lead.”

women conducting 9-14

Read More

Women Leading Women with Purpose and Influence

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Women Leading WomenI met with an amazing friend today.

She is a wife, a mother of six, a grandmother, a teacher, an author, a bookseller and distributor, a ministry leader, and most importantly, a lover of God.

She just returned from India where she loved on and prayed for children in HIV clinics, at dumps, and with leprosy. Through her teachings, children and adults discover the Holy Spirit.

Whenever I am with her, I walk away oozing the Holy Spirit because her connection with God just pours out to those around her.

I am blessed by who she is. Read More