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YOur words and limiting beliefs

Are You Talking Trash or Speaking Truth?

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According to a study at the University of Arizona in 2007 (Dr. Matthias Mehls), the average person speaks about 16,000 words a day. That is a significant number of words, even for a talkative person like me!

With so many words spoken daily, the quality of our speech is important. Are your words life-giving or are they discouraging? How you talk to yourself and others reveals much about your identity.  Your daily language reveals who you choose to be. Read More

How are you filling your desires?

How I Learned to Live from the Heart and Change My Life

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Have you always wanted to live from the heart? It’s that place deep down inside that represents the true you. For me, my heart represents my spirit. It’s the center of my being. It’s that piece of me that God created uniquely different from everyone else, that hears the Holy Spirit and responds to God. To live from the heart means that I am real and authentic in all that I do. Where ever I go and whatever I do, I want that authentic, God-centered person to shine through. But, is that what really happens in life? Read More

3 Big Mistakes that Limit Your Success – Emotional Resilience

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If you have walked out of a business meeting or annual performance review and just wanted to give it all up, this audio is for you! During my 25-years managing people and projects, I discovered three key mistakes that prevent many professionals from experiencing the job success they desire. How do I know? I made them!  Since then I have discovered strategies that address these mistakes and will position you for greater God-inspired success.

This is the second audio in this three-part series.  Today, I am talking about emotional resilience and how it influences success in the workplace. Learn the meaning of resilience, what factors determine how resilient you are, and how to become more resilient. Several easy-to-follow, practical strategies will help you improve your performance right away.

Just click on the orange arrow below to hear the podcast. When you finish listening, let me know….how resilient are you?

Read More

3 Big Mistakes that Limit Your Success – Wonky Walk

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Have you walked out of a work meeting or annual performance review and just wanted to give it all up? You have given your job your very best, but your best effort doesn’t seem to be enough. You aren’t achieving the success at work you desire. And, to make matters worse, the rest of your life is suffering, too. You are frustrated, stressed, and unmotivated.

If this is you, I truly understand. Women in the work force are near and dear to my heart. I spent 25 years in a professional career while I raised a family and pursued an active life outside of work. It was challenging, rewarding, stressful and exhilarating all at that same time.

I admired the women who broke new ground for me and others in business, but I didn’t discover the key characteristics of God-driven success from their example. I learned through the “school of hard knocks!” My desire is to help you avoid some of the painful mistakes that I made during my career. If you implement what I share, I believe you can experience more success and satisfaction in your job and at home. Sometimes just a shift in perspective can rock your world!

This is the first audio in a three-part series. By the end of the series, you will know:

1. The top 3 mistakes many women professionals make that keep them from achieving the level of success and satisfaction they desire.

2. How to avoid these costly peace-robbing, frustrating, stressful and often destructive mistakes.

3. Easy to follow, practical strategies that you can use right away to improve your performance and position you for greater God-inspired success.

 Listen in to Part 1 to learn about the “wonky walk.” Discover how to better align WHO you are with WHAT you do! Just click on the orange arrow to hear the podcast.

The resources mentioned in this audio tract are listed in identity resources.

Why Personal Values Are So Important (or how to avoid asking “How did I end up here?”)

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Have you ever just stopped in the midst of whatever you are doing and asked yourself “How did I end up here? What do I value about this place?”

“Here” could be a million different places, like a job, a company, a volunteer organization, a church, or a group of close friends.

Whereas you may have belonged – even been a vital part of the organization or group – you know longer have the heart, the drive, the desire, and the stamina to stay involved.

Something has changed, and it’s not necessarily the other guy! You just know you are out-of-place.

So you ask, do I stay or do I go? But, most importantly, WHY?

Values 10-14

I found myself in that exact situation several times in the past year.

  • I was finishing up one last consulting project for a client and found I could no longer go the “extra mile” to accomplish the work they required.
  • I was at odds with the vision of several organizations where I served for 5 years.

Why should I feel discontent where I had once been happy?

It was about PERSONAL VALUES…yep, that’s the truth. Here I was at…well, I don’t know if I really want to share my age…let’s just say I have been 29 for a number of years now! Anyway, I was making major life shifts because I was NOT living in alignment with some of my important personal values. Read More

Transitions: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Them

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Transitions are Challenging

Let’s face it. Embracing unexpected change isn’t always easy. If you are like me, you are happiest when you are cruising along in life, enjoying your relationships, finding passion in your work, and engaged in a community.

Then, boom!! The unexpected happens. You don’t see it coming.

Or, maybe you did. In fact, maybe you initiated the change, but you didn’t quite understand the potential impact.

Choosing direction in transition

The key is that something important in your life shifts. New choices and decisions are looming.

  • You lose your current job or you begin a new job
  • You don’t get that hoped for promotion
  • An important relationship comes to an end
  • You face a threatening illness or injury

The list goes on….

Ready or not, the unexpected launches you into a transition. You change from one thing to the next through your actions or your state of mind. “Trans” means to cross. So, as we transition in life, we cross over into new and sometimes uncharted territory. You have to decide a new direction to go. It can be both exciting and terrifying!

When transition comes, I observe three distinct responses in people. The first group outright denies that any change has occurred. The second group chooses to resist, until they reluctantly accept the change. The third group readily embraces change, even under the most unexpected of circumstances.

3 Reasons to Embrace Transitions

I believe God calls all of us to be in that third group.

We are to readily embrace transitions for 3 important reasons.

Read More

Emotional Resilience: The Key to Overcoming Adversity

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More than 50 years of research has demonstrated that emotional resilience is the KEY to success in life. It is a better indicator of success than your intelligence! Resilient people learn to overcome adversity and find success in the process. Are you a resilient overcomer?


What is Emotional Resilience?

Resilience measures your ability to bounce back when you face challenges.

When something negative happens, resilient people quickly evaluate the situation, regain their positive outlook and move forward.

When you lack resilience, life gets you down. You may get too emotional or react negatively in the face of adversity. You tend not to deal well with the challenge you are facing. Read More

Is Your Frantic Pace Decreasing Your Productivity?

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As I was mowing the lawn, I was amazed to hear a constant buzzing in the apple tree above my head. I stopped and watched the bees moving gracefully, but at a frantic pace, from blossom to blossom gathering nectar and pollinating the tree. Bees are very mission-minded – they have to visit 5 million flowers to produce a single pint of honey! Amazing. There is no rest for these industrious creatures.

Bee picture

Living at a Frantic Pace

Do you observe that many people have a frantic pace of life, like a worker bee? Frantic people are agitated, easily excitable, hurried, and always have somewhere to be or something else to do. They never have time for the moment at hand.

I found myself living at a frantic pace throughout my consulting career. I was constantly busy as I cared for my family, managed large-scale projects, and tried to stay involved with church and friends. For me, it was unsustainable over time. I was like a worker bee trying to visit those millions of flowers! Crazy… Read More

The Power of Embracing Others

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The truth is – our life is short. What we do with our time really does matter.

Personally, I have a new filter – a new decision mechanism for how I will use my time and where I will invest my life.  I think it’s an important principle for living successfully.

It’s called – E M B R A C E.

embrace 2012

Embracing others means to accept or support someone willingly and enthusiastically – to welcome someone with open arms. It also means to hold someone close in one’s arms, especially as a sign of affection.  Embrace is a word of peace and comfort.

Personally, I hope to experience a sense of EMBRACE wherever I choose to be involved, including in my work.  Being welcomed and supported, like in a loving relationship, is such a delight and a key to joyful living.

I was reminded of the joy of embracing others after attending two different events over the course of a few days.  I encountered two distinct atmospheres in light of my new filter.

One event was like a bustling, small town coffee shop where everyone mattered. The atmosphere was inviting and warm.  People who I spoke with were authentic and real. They were happily engaged in the event and definitely embraced others.

The other event was somewhat sterile and cold, like a college classroom. And, although they were teaching on important spiritual matters, there was limited interest in warmly engaging the participants. I asked myself why I was there. Was this engagement worth my time?

Although a simple example, I realized that I experienced two very distinct and different cultures. There are cultures everywhere we go – family, work, churches, schools, and communities. All have distinct characteristics that either embrace others or ignore those seeking to belong.

In the midst of all these cultures, I have been asking myself, “Where do I want to belong?” Why, where I am embraced, of course!

Now, it’s not all me – I know that! Embracing others around me is a priority each and very day. I want to host an atmosphere of love wherever I am. Jesus did it and so can we!

Here are my criteria for being embraced and embracing others:

  • Welcoming spirit-filled atmosphere
  • Joyful hearts
  • Open attitudes
  • Genuine, personal interest
  • Helping hand

What are your criteria?

Do you think that seeking to be embraced will encourage more intentional joy? Let’s not waste time where we do not belong, unless we are being called by God. But, that’s a discussion for another day!