A Life-Changing, Trusted Program to Help You Discover Your Identity and Walk Out Your God-given Purpose …..

So You Can Live Your Life to the Fullest!


Dear entrepreneur, small business owner, ministry leader, retiree or anyone who wants to live a joy-filled, purposeful life and leave a meaningful legacy –

 Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or lacking direction in your job or life-in-general?

 Do you have a feeling that you have a greater purpose in life, but you just haven’t found the right path?

 Are you ready to reach your potential and you don’t want to wait one more minute?

It’s not a question of if you want to know your purpose and reach your potential, but how do you discover it? How do begin to live out our dreams and desires?

Over the past 10 years, I have worked diligently and with great passion to learn how to discover and live out my purpose. Why?

Going the wrong way in lifeI was outwardly successful in my 25-year consulting career, but inwardly stressed and unhappy. Work that was once challenging and energizing, drained me and kept me up nights. I discovered I was only working for a paycheck. I was miserable. I was going the wrong way!

Like many of us, I wanted to do the right thing by those I loved. But, my children were leaving home and my responsibilities were shifting. It was time to discover new opportunities. What would I do? Where was God calling me?

In God’s perfect and wonderful timing, I discovered Identity and Destiny: 7 Steps to a Purpose Filled Life. It’s an amazing program that integrates WHO You ARE now with the exciting adventure of WHO YOU COULD BE if you pursue God’s vision for your life.

 If you find yourself in a situation like mine…unfulfilled, stressed, going the wrong way…you can change your life. You don’t have to lead a mediocre life!

God does have a plan for you no matter your circumstances. He redeems and uses all parts of our lives for his purposes. He wants you to live your life to the fullest! All you have to do is believe that you have a purpose and take that first step to make a change.

Find your God-given sweet spotIdentity and Destiny: 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life, is a 9-week journey with God that will quickly reveal WHO God created you to be and the destiny he is preparing for you.

You will understand your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and so much more.

You will discover that not one part of your life has been wasted…that God uses all your experiences as He leads you into the next stage of your life.


  • Your amazing, God-given personality and how it shapes your destiny.
  • How improving one KEY personal characteristic can help you achieve greater success and life satisfaction.
  • Why living out your external passions just might distract you from your purpose.
  • Discover what you believe about yourself, and how it impacts your destiny.
  • Affirm that you do hear from God.
  • How your pain shapes your purpose.
  • Ways to develop greater intimacy with God as He speaks into your life.
  • How three seemingly simple purpose statements can clarify your next step and bring joy to your future.
  • Move forward obediently with confidence into God’s call on your life.
  • How you, too, can begin leading others into their purpose.


The creators of this coaching program are Tom and Pam Wolf, life-long entrepreneurs and coaches. God has called them to train over 1,000 coaches to help people discover their true identity and destiny. I am one of those blessed coaches that spent weeks being trained in this program!

But, you know that just going through a coaching course or a training program is not enough to equip someone to lead and train others. A qualified Identity and Destiny coach has to LIVE and EXPERIENCE what they teach and share.

Finding Your Purpose

Me, Tom and Pam Wolf, and a few other Facilitators

That is what I have been doing the past 5 years as I confirmed my own God-given life purpose through Identity and Destiny and stepped into my destiny as a personal transformation coach and prayer leader.

I have experienced the challenges, joys, trials and sorrows of leading teams of people and ministering to the needs of others. I have also picked up the pieces of my own life with God’s ever-guiding hand when I had no idea what He was doing. God has been faithful in giving me insight and revelation that has accomplished His purposes wherever He has placed me.

As you seek God on behalf of your future, I will be able to ask questions and provide insight into what God is showing you. One of recent clients expressed how helpful and important it is to share what you learn with a coach and to be challenged to go deeper and further to overcome blind spots, like limiting beliefs.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

That’s what happens in the Identity and Destiny program…..I sharpen you, and you sharpen me through what you learn and the revelations that God provides. It’s exciting and so incredibly fruitful!

What people are saying…..

I've led my life searching for something and going down the wrong paths to find it. I finally realized that I was searching for God, and that the life He planned for me is nothing like the one I was leading on my own. No wonder it wasn't working out! Identity & Destiny and Karen helped me figure out God's purpose for me. It has brought me a peace, contentment, and closeness with God that I have never experienced. My relationship with God continues to get stronger every day. Karen is such an amazing Christian disciple and mentor. She has shown me how to live my life fully for Him.

Emily C.

I started the Identity and Destiny course on my own because I knew there was more to life than just living day in and day out. I received lots of valuable insight about my personality, passions and spiritual gifts, but I knew that to benefit even more I needed a coach. Karen with her gifts of listening, encouragement and discernment was a skillful co-worker with the Holy Spirit in bringing my life into a new direction. With Karen, I was able to gain a richer understanding of my identity in Christ, prayer, and hearing the voice of God. This is a beginning of accepting God’s plan and going forth with a new strength of living a destiny that is not just for me to “keep”, but a story of healing that is to be shared.

Joyce W.

What’s included in the Identity and Destiny Program?

WORKBOOK: 250+ page workbook – Identity and Destiny: 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life

COACHING:  Eight 1-hour individual or group coaching sessions in person or via phone.

ASSESSMENTS: Weekly assessments and meaningful exercises that bring insight into how God created you and for what purpose.

SUPPORT: Unlimited email support to address your most pressing questions and prayer requests

Each week focuses on a different topic that is KEY to discovering your God-given life purpose and builds on what you uncover the previous week. Each week is comprised of 5 exciting days of reading, writing, assessments, praying, and reflection.

You meet weekly with me in person or via phone or SKYPE to share what you have learned, ask questions, and gain additional valuable insight based on your need.

Take a look and see what you will discover during each of the 9 weeks

PHASE 1: Discovering how God created and designed YOU!

WEEK 1 – Welcome

Purpose Scorecard

7 Steps to Purpose

3 Elements of Purpose

Your Purpose Mosaic

WEEK 2 – How Are You Wired?

Personality Style Analysis

Resilience Quotient

WEEK 3 – What Makes You Tick?

Top 5 Core Values

Dominant Spiritual Gift

WEEK 4 – What Are You Passionate About?

Passion Pursuit

        Needs Beneath the Passion

PHASE 2:  Discovering how God can weave it ALL together for GOOD

WEEK 5 – What’s Stopping You?

Roadblocks to Purpose

Fears, Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Smoothing a Path to Purpose

PHASE 3: Discovering your God-Given Sweet Spot!

WEEK 6 – Can You Hear God Speaking?

Prayer of Commitment


Purposeful Prayer

Meditation on the Word

WEEK 7 – Can you Be Still and Listen?

Guided Listening Prayer

Dialogue Journaling

WEEK 8 – Who am I? and Why am I here?

Assemble the Mosaic

Crystallize Your Purpose Statements

WEEK 9 – Where do you go from here?

Validation and Next Steps

The Challenge

 Why Identity and Destiny? What is SO IMPORTANT about life purpose?

A million excuses may come to mind when you think of completing a 9-week program. I am too busy; I can’t afford it; I can’t make life changes now; how’s my purpose going to help me anyway?

Discovering your purpose or where God is leading you is one of the most IMPORTANT actions you can take at any point in your life, but particularly during times of change. WHY?? Because you are ready and open to His leading.

God has an ongoing plan for your life. He knows why he created you and for what purpose. But, you have free will….you have a choice whether to move with Him or to take your own path. The truth is we all take our own path at times…and often the consequences indicate that our will is being accomplished not His will.

Key to Life PurposeIdentity and Destiny is KEY to helping you accomplish God’s plan and not your own.

The knowledge, insight and revelation you receive during your 9 weeks working through the workbook and meeting with me results in three seemingly simple, but incredibly POWERFUL STATEMENTS about your Identity, Destiny, and Assignment that will guide you into your future. 

I have used my Identity and Destiny statements in the midst of many important decisions to focus me towards His purpose for me and not my own. They are invaluable.

Upon completing the Identity and Destiny program you can be certain that your LIFE PURPOSE STATEMENTS will be:

God centered

Undergirded by scripture

Holy Spirit inspired

Proven to be true as you move forward

Begin to change lives and impact God’s kingdom

Help release other people into their life of destiny

Why You Can’t Waste Anymore Time!

Do you know the definition of insanity?

It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Is this you? Are you hoping and wishing for a more focused and purposeful future, but not taking steps towards change?

Test yourself…think about three recurring challenges that you’ve been struggling with over the past six months. Write down what you have been doing to address these challenges. Are they rooted in a lack of focus, difficult circumstances like an unsatisfying job, or something you believe about yourself or your future?

What if you could break free from that? Take a few minutes and visualize what your life could look life if you overcame at least one of these challenges. What does freedom look like to you? Write it down, draw a picture…let your heart tap into what you really want and where you think God is calling you.

Find freedom in your purpose

Here’s the good news! It doesn’t have to be a dream…God can begin to transform your life and challenges through Identity and Destiny. We will facilitate a conversation to help you connect with God, your life purpose, and discover truths that will begin to set you free and walk in greater joy.

This program is exactly what you need in your career or ministry to…

Cut through all the confusion and frustration

 Find clarity, focus and direction

 Live every day with passion and purpose

 Be free to pursue all that God has waiting for you

Take the next big step personally or professionally!

Coaching Options that Fit Your Needs


I meet with you weekly for a 1-hour coaching session in-person, via phone or Skype. Together we work through Identity and Destiny: 7-Steps to a Purpose-filled Life. Each week you commit to completing one chapter in the workbook and we meet to pray, discuss your findings, and what God has revealed.

As your Identity and Destiny coach, I commit to ask insightful questions and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to help you discover who God has created you to be and where He is calling you!  Contact me for pricing.

Accelerated program:      4 one-hour sessions       

Regular program:             8 one-hour sessions        


I regularly coach groups of 3 to 4 individuals through Identity and Destiny: 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life for 8 weeks.  You can form your own group or join one that I form. Groups meet with me weekly in person or via phone for approximately 1.5 hours to discuss one chapter of the Identity and Destiny workbook and share our insights.

The interaction between group members as they share their unique characteristics and gifting makes group coaching fun and exciting!

Group coaching for 4 individuals:  Interested? Contact me

Small groups or workshops: Contact me (Karen) 


If you have questions, I offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Let’s explore your needs and desires, and discover whether Identity and Destiny is right for you!

I want to schedule a complimentary coaching call