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Live from the Heart and Change Your Life

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How are you filling your desires?

Have you always wanted to live from the heart? It’s that place deep down inside that represents the true you. For me, my heart represents my spirit. It’s the center of my being. It’s that piece of me that God created uniquely different from everyone else, that hears the Holy Spirit and responds to God. To live from the heart means that I am real and authentic in all that I do. Where ever I go and whatever I do, I want that authentic, God-centered person to shine through. But, is that what really happens in life?

Fear Leads to Poor Beliefs

I have to be honest. For many years I did not live from my heart because of poor beliefs that came from emotional wounds in my teen years and early adulthood. Many of us have them…and, they can so impact you! To protect myself from being further wounded after my parents divorced, I vowed that I would always take care of myself. I made the decision in my heart that I would rely on myself rather than others. I knew God, but I put him on the back burner because I had no idea where he was at the time. Whoa! Can you see where this might be leading? Honestly, I didn’t.

My belief that I had to take care of myself led to a lot of wrong decisions that were not in alignment with my heart. I took a career path that guaranteed more money and security than one that was compatible with how God had wired me to be. I heard that small, still voice of God, but I chose not to pursue his direction and the call of my own heart because of FEAR.  Fear of the unknown replaced any FAITH I had. I believed I was abandoned by significant people at a crucial time, and I wasn’t going to trust God in their place. I chose not to live from my heart because of FEAR that I would be disappointed again.

Faith Forms New Beliefs

Fast forward to now. I have done a lot of heart work since those days. It wasn’t always easy, but God is ALWAYS faithful! Those emotional wounds from my youth were healed when I invited Jesus into those memories with the help of mature believers. Jesus showed me that he was there in the midst of my pain. I slowly came to understand how my BELIEF that I must take care of myself was hurting me and was not God’s best. I knew the Word – that God is our provider – but I had to get that word buried in my heart. I had to believe it and form a new belief. Yes, God would provide!! Yes, Jesus loves me and I can trust him in all things.

What I discovered is that Jesus is always the answer. When I go to him with my wounds, wrong beliefs, and fears, he is the one who will heal them. He is the only one who will meet all our desires. Only when your desires are filled by Jesus can you truly live from the heart.

I just want to encourage you today! You can live from the heart. Let’s walk this road together to find God’s very best for you.

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