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I feel alone

The Answer is “I Feel Alone”

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Have you watched the TV game of Jeopardy? A player receives an answer under the category and dollar amount she chooses. She then asks a question that fits the answer.

Let’s play the game for a minute.

The category in my game is “ Life Transitions.”

The answer is “I feel alone.”

Do you know or can you guess what the right question might be?

HINT: In a recent online survey about life transitions, every woman who participated answered “I feel alone” to this question. Read More

Goals for 2018

2018 goals: What Captures Your Attention?

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I am receiving emails almost daily about planning and setting 2018 goals. Are you?

Identifying what you want to achieve in the new year is important. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific (SMART) will help you achieve success. With SMART goals, you can develop an action plan and get moving forward!

But, wait! Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Consider….who or what is driving your goals? What is the foundation of your desires?

Is it friends, family, books, gurus, coaches, or even those infomercials on TV that catch your eye? We are all bombarded daily with messages about what to be. These messages can influence who or what has our attention. Our 2018 goals and desires flow from the source of our attention. Read More

Storms of Life

God’s Goodness in the Storms of Life

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Large, destructive hail hit our city this summer. Thundering against the windows, I prayed urgently as the hail threatened our house! The golf-ball sized hailstones were the biggest I’ve experienced.

Once it was gone, we assessed the damage and began the process of getting our property repaired. Much house and car damage occurred in a brief 15-minute storm.

Isn’t this just like the storms of life? Unexpected events happen and can cause significant physical or emotional damage. Their lasting effects can change our next steps and even our life! Read More

Desires that lead to joy or sorrow

Are Your Desires Leading You to Joy or Sorrow?

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Desires drive your behavior every day.  If a business or person can convince you how to fill your deepest desires, you may take immediate ACTION. You only have to scan through Facebook to witness the happy and sad results of people attempting to fulfill their desires! Here’s the good news. If going after your desires leads you to sorrow, you CAN change your focus and discover the path to joy.

Read More