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I feel alone

The Answer is “I Feel Alone”

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Have you watched the TV game of Jeopardy? A player receives an answer under the category and dollar amount she chooses. She then asks a question that fits the answer.

Let’s play the game for a minute.

The category in my game is “ Life Transitions.”

The answer is “I feel alone.”

Do you know or can you guess what the right question might be?

HINT: In a recent online survey about life transitions, every woman who participated answered “I feel alone” to this question. Read More

Goals for 2018

Transitions: 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without Them

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Transitions are Challenging

Let’s face it. Embracing unexpected change isn’t always easy. If you are like me, you are happiest when you are cruising along in life, enjoying your relationships, finding passion in your work, and engaged in a community.

Then, boom!! The unexpected happens. You don’t see it coming.

Or, maybe you did. In fact, maybe you initiated the change, but you didn’t quite understand the potential impact.

The key is that something important in your life shifts. New choices and decisions are looming.

  • You lose your current job or you begin a new job
  • You don’t get that hoped for promotion
  • An important relationship comes to an end
  • You face a threatening illness or injury

The list goes on…. Read More