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The Power of Embracing Others

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The truth is – our life is short. What we do with our time really does matter.

Personally, I have a new filter – a new decision mechanism for how I will use my time and where I will invest my life.  I think it’s an important principle for living successfully.

It’s called – E M B R A C E.

embrace 2012

Embracing others means to accept or support someone willingly and enthusiastically – to welcome someone with open arms. It also means to hold someone close in one’s arms, especially as a sign of affection.  Embrace is a word of peace and comfort.

Personally, I hope to experience a sense of EMBRACE wherever I choose to be involved, including in my work.  Being welcomed and supported, like in a loving relationship, is such a delight and a key to joyful living.

I was reminded of the joy of embracing others after attending two different events over the course of a few days.  I encountered two distinct atmospheres in light of my new filter.

One event was like a bustling, small town coffee shop where everyone mattered. The atmosphere was inviting and warm.  People who I spoke with were authentic and real. They were happily engaged in the event and definitely embraced others.

The other event was somewhat sterile and cold, like a college classroom. And, although they were teaching on important spiritual matters, there was limited interest in warmly engaging the participants. I asked myself why I was there. Was this engagement worth my time?

Although a simple example, I realized that I experienced two very distinct and different cultures. There are cultures everywhere we go – family, work, churches, schools, and communities. All have distinct characteristics that either embrace others or ignore those seeking to belong.

In the midst of all these cultures, I have been asking myself, “Where do I want to belong?” Why, where I am embraced, of course!

Now, it’s not all me – I know that! Embracing others around me is a priority each and very day. I want to host an atmosphere of love wherever I am. Jesus did it and so can we!

Here are my criteria for being embraced and embracing others:

  • Welcoming spirit-filled atmosphere
  • Joyful hearts
  • Open attitudes
  • Genuine, personal interest
  • Helping hand

What are your criteria?

Do you think that seeking to be embraced will encourage more intentional joy? Let’s not waste time where we do not belong, unless we are being called by God. But, that’s a discussion for another day!

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