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The Power of Blessing to Capture Hearts

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A pastor friend recently shared a story about the power of blessing. Although we are the same age, my friend is raising two teenagers, while I am experiencing the joys of adult children and grandchildren.

He is an older and wiser parent who knows the importance of affirming the unique identity of his children and the people he leads. His desire to capture his son’s heart through blessing reminded me of the powerful impact our words and actions can have on family, friends, or just about anyone God places in our path! Read More

Doing less and Being More

What Distraction Taught Me About Doing Less and Being More

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We are so privileged to choose what we accomplish each day. We can experience the satisfaction of a job well done or the distraction and pain of falling flat on our faces. Literally….

Recently, I was completing some work before I began a busy four days caring for my young granddaughters. My mind was absorbed with a million thoughts about my “to do” list. Breakfast was next on my list. I stood up from my computer, grabbed my coffee, briskly stepped towards the kitchen….my eyes focused, well, I don’t know where…and I proceeded to pitch forward over the big box I was using to pack up remaining Christmas decorations. My entire body landed flat on the floor with a jarring “thud!”


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Who is a Leader? The Answer Might Surprise You……

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If I walked into a gathering of women and asked each woman, “Are you a leader?” How do you think they would respond?

I believe a few women would say “yes” and give me an example of their leadership roles.

A few more would pause, think briefly, and say,  “I am not sure. Give me an example.”

The majority of women in the group would likely answer with an emphatic “no!”

Why do so many women fail to see themselves as leaders? One of the main reasons is a faulty definition and understanding of what it means to “lead.”

women conducting 9-14

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