Life Change Leads to Inner Change


What you may find surprising…I know I did….is that

God uses life changes, including challenges and painful circumstances, to TRANSFORM you into WHO He created you to be.


Transformational coaching helps you become WHO you are by discovering your values, core beliefs, passions, gifts, and identity. It also brings new awareness to what God is doing in the midst of your circumstances.

Life purpose is a gift that keeps on givingTransformational coaching is the gift that keeps on giving because it helps you to discover WHO you truly are so that you can change WHAT you do. When you are willing to engage in your circumstances, God does not disappoint!

I have walked through many life transitions, including career and ministry shifts, where I have been significantly changed by engaging God in the process. There is no better way to improve your life…even during wilderness times that are painful and dry.

I offer coaching programs anywhere in the United States via phone or Skype. I am here to guide you with life-transforming, job-transforming and relationship-transforming strategies and tools that help you engage God in your process and reveal your next steps.

Ready to move forward? Here is how we could work together.

Explore these three coaching programs to walk into your future with confidence!  Contact me to discuss coaching that is tailored to your specific needs and for ideas on how we can work together.

Find your God-given sweet spot

Discover Your God-Given Purpose (Identity and Destiny)

Statistics show that only 3% of people ever find their true God-given purpose. If you are one of the 97% who is uncertain about your purpose, this coaching program is for you!

You journey into who you are by discovering how you are wired , what makes you tick and the passions that energize you. You learn what roadblocks, fears and limiting beliefs are preventing you from being fully you and walking in your identity. You engage with God while growing in intimacy and perfecting the art of hearing His voice. Your final assignment is to write your purpose statements that explain “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” You experience greater peace, joy, focus, direction, and success knowing where God is calling you.

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Living from the Heart

Live from the Heart: Engage God in Your Circumstances

Are you a ministry or business leader who is facing significant change in your life? You may be walking through an unexpected wilderness time and wondering what God is doing or where he is. As a leader, you are in a continual growth process as your faith deepens and you know God more intimately. He uses every circumstance, including the beautiful moments and our suffering, and every stage of our life to move us closer to our destiny or purpose.

Through an approach developed by Leadership Coach, Tony Stoltzfus, you discover at the heart level that God is always for you, he is redeeming every circumstance in your life for His glory, and His plan is an ongoing process. Digging into the matters of the heart frees you to reach new levels as a leader!

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Frustrated to Focused

Frustrated to Focused in 3 Quick Steps

Are you calm on the surface, but paddling CRAZY like a duck underneath the surface? Are you striving, struggling, and trying to balance and prioritize? 

These three short coaching sessions are right for you if you are:

  • Feeling insufficient, frustrated or stressed
  • Realizing you can’t do it all
  • Constrained in your job or ministry

You have nagging thoughts that there’s got to be something more or something better?  For a small investment, you can discover a clarity and focus that begins to overcome unproductive activity and self-defeating mindsets. Discover if coaching is right for you.

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