Transformational Coaching = Growth + Change


Transformational coaching is about YOU maximizing your potential. You choose to grow and change by focusing on those areas where God is already working through your circumstances.

It’s during life’s storms and personal challenges where you are most receptive to change…. to doing life differently. With a trained coach walking this journey with you, radical change can come quickly!

 Karen Lusby, Transformational CoachMy role as a Christian coach is to believe in you and empower you. With God, you set the coaching agenda, you determine your goals, and you reach for your future potential. I facilitate what God is doing by being transparent and real, listening and ask insightful questions.

You have all you need to grow and change within you and in your relationship with God. However, a coach who understands the change process can expedite your growth by providing support, encouragement and accountability

Coaching is client-centered, action-oriented, growth-centered, relational and a support system for change.

The top five reasons to be coached include:

 Experience major change in your life

 Grow faster/Get more done

  Be empowered to take action

 Develop leaders around you

 Build deep relationship through what you learn

What Coaching is NOT….

Coaching is not giving advice

Mentoring: A mentor shares their life experience. They impart to another what God has given them and what they have learned through life experience. In contrast, transformational coaching is about drawing out what God has placed in you. Coaching helps you learn, rather than being taught.

Counseling: A counselor helps people get psychologically or emotionally whole, whereas a coach works with a healthy person who wants to grow and improve their life. Transformational coaching is about becoming all that God has called you to be, including overcoming personal obstacles.

Advising: Advice-giving can stop any relationship in its tracks! We are each unique individuals. There is gold within you waiting to come forth. You don’t need personal advice that could lead you astray!

Here’s What People are Saying…

Linda WidjajaLinda Widjaja, REP – Repurposing Business-Transforming Society – 

Karen brings wisdom and discernment from God in helping her clients. She carries a deep passion for personal transformation, born out of her own experience, that she extends to all people and cultures. She’s skilled at helping her clients discover and understand what is hindering them from moving forward. She will definitely help you get unstuck and walking in freedom with God! I also like Karen’s passion to encourage transformation in her clients that is from the heart, not just from the head or in theory. It’s her own journey into the heart that differentiates her. Her ability to bring people, like me, down to the heart level is what makes her stand out among coaches! Learn more about living from the heart here.

Dana Otto, Senior Vice President, The Louis Berger Group

Having worked with Karen for years, I found myself going back to her again and again for direction on how to better coach, mentor and lead those around me.  Karen provides great insights into individual’s strengths and weaknesses, helping me determine how to focus people to achieve their best. 

Christian Fiadonu, Director, Golden International House of Prayer (2007-2013) and Pastor, Word Faith Chapel

Karen’s bold stance for prayer was encouraging to me at a time when the concept of prayer as the foundation of kingdom building was not fully embraced. I see her becoming one of the servants the Lord will use to turn his people back to the foundation of prayer as a prerequisite for kingdom building in these last days. Karen’s coaching abilities very much aid her in this direction.

Emily Clingman, Veterinary Technician 

I’ve always led my life searching for something and going down the wrong paths to find it.  I always thought I knew what was right for me and what I was meant to do with my life.  I have finally realized that God was what I was searching for and that the life He has planned for me is nothing like the one I was going for on my own.  No wonder it wasn’t working out!  Crossover coaching has helped steer me in the right direction to figure out what God’s purpose for me is in this world.  It has brought me peace, contentment and a closeness with God that I’ve never had before and continues to get stronger every day.  Karen is such an amazing Christian disciple and mentor.  She has shown me how to live my life fully for Him.

Joyce Willis, Ministry Administrator 

Karen with her gifts of listening, encouragement and discernment was a skillful co-worker with the Holy Spirit in bringing my life into a new direction. With Karen, I was able to gain a richer understanding of my identity in Christ, prayer, and hearing the voice of God. This is a beginning of accepting God’s plan and going forth with a new strength of living a destiny that is not just for me to “keep”, but a story of healing that is to be shared.

Drew Meyer, Engineer and Graduate Student

Karen is gifted with a passion to see people grow and therefore makes an excellent life coach. She has a lot of relevant knowledge and experience that makes coaching sessions truly challenging and life giving. If you want to learn about yourself and how to grow, Karen is a coach who can help.

Robin Mathias TestimonyRobin Mathias, MA, MCC, PLPC, Counselor

Karen is a bright, caring professional who continually strives for excellence in all that she undertakes. She pursues her relationship the Lord and is moldable and courageous in being obedient to him. I highly recommend her as a Christian Life Coach.